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Sun-Fly Professional Casino Chips specialises in manufacturing and supplying fully customisable casino grade ceramic chips for professional high end markets, and are widely recognised by many poker stars and professionals worldwide. 


Sun-Fly Professional Casino Chips specializes in manufacturing and supplying fully customizable casino grade ceramic chips for professional high-end markets, and are widely recognized by many poker stars and professionals worldwide.

Sun-Fly Professional Casino Chips founded in 2004. With hard work, dedication and by keeping quality and security as our priority, we have enjoyed rapid growth in the industry and are now the largest and most reputable ceramic chip manufacturer in the world, manufacturing more than 6,000,000 chips in the last year alone.

With an expected growth in the coming years and an ever-increasing worldwide network of distribution that spans the globe, we are certainly optimistic about the future and have continually added new innovative chip products and designs to our increasing product line.

Sun-Fly's customer-orientated approach, consistently high quality of product, security, cost efficiency, continuous development and innovation in the market place has gone a long way to build trust and a good reputation with our client base, which we believe is the basis of our success.

We have already formed partnerships with some great companies in Australia, Europe, the USA and South Africa, and we cordially invite any well-established Casino related dealers to contact us and share your business ideas, and to build up possible business partnerships.


As an independent company, Sun-Fly enjoys total creative freedom to design and produce what casinos agree to be the finest ceramic chips in the world. With its vast experience to its credit, Sun-Fly is the only manufacturer that crafts all of its mechanical movements according to the strictest specifications.



Sun-Fly has been manufacturing chips for casinos and tournaments around the globe since 2004 and fully understands its clients' concerns about security. Sun-Fly has its very own state of the art UV security printing facility; all processes are done completely in-house from producing raw materials to the finished product, with strict monitoring and procedures, we are able to offer our clients peace of mind.


The complexity of making a high-quality ceramic chip makes counterfeiting Sun-Fly products extremely difficult, with the combination of different security features embedded into UV ink, has made it almost impossible to successfully counterfeit.



Sun-Fly Poker Chips uses state of the art equipment to manufacture the finest, most attractive poker chips the world has ever seen. Our ceramic chips are fully customizable in full color on both faces and rolling edges, which technically allows crazy and creative ideas to be put onto the chips.



Sun-Fly has a wide range of standard chipsets sets that were designed by excellent designers from Germany, France, Italy, the USA and some other countries. All these designers have their unique style, which makes our standard sets of great values and are bound to be the talking point of any poker game with their striking colors and stylish design.


As an experienced, independent manufacturer that has produced secure chips of the highest quality for many years, we have been able to create and develop both our products and company in such a way, that we are able to stand out from the rest.

  • Sun-Fly Professional Casino Chips is the leading ceramic chips manufacturer in the world and are able to manufacture and supply large quantities without a reduction in quality.

  • With a minimum order quantity as low as 300 pieces and an annual capacity of millions, Sun-Fly is able to accommodate orders of any size.

  • 100% customizable chip product that can be printed in full-color graphics.

  • Each side of the chip can be individually customized, meaning each side can be completely different, including the edges.

  • Can offer aligned chips even in large quantities without degradation in quality.

  • Sun-Fly ceramic chip products have a unique high-gloss rolling edge.

  • No set up fees.

  • Assistance with artworks based on clients requirements.

  • Prototypes can be made, so the live chip can be seen before mass production.

  • In-house state of the art UV printing facility with imbedded Infra-red security feature.

  • Sun-Fly offers faster turnarounds than our larger competitors: chip orders would normally be delivered within 2-3 weeks.

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