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SUN-FLY presents the MONARCH™ series casino chips, crafted with advanced injection molding and anti-counterfeiting measures, offering customizable decals for unparalleled security and sophistication to elevate the gaming experience in casinos.



Sun-Fly is proud to introduce our cutting-edge RFID solution, designed to significantly enhance security and operational efficiency in casino environments.



With over 20 years of experience, SUN-FLY's LEGACY™ series of ceramic chips exemplifies our quality and expertise, making them the preferred choice for durable and well-designed casino chips worldwide.


Sun-Fly Professional Casino Chips founded in 2004, we specialized in manufacturing and supplying fully customizable casino grade ceramic chips for professional high end markets, and are widely recognized by many poker stars and professionals worldwide.

With hard work, dedication and by keeping quality and security as our priority, we have enjoyed rapid growth


30+ custom chip types, infinite custom colors, cutting-edge security combinations, SUN-FLY is confident that our casino-grade custom ceramic chips can be your first choice doesn't matter if you are using them in casino or poker club or tournament, or even for personal collection.


Table layout is a new product line of Sun-fly. On the basis of success of ceramic chips in the past decade, SUN-FLY is able to help our customers...


Sun-fly not only offers all kinds of gaming industry’s accessories products, but also can supply various customisable services. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details if you have any interests.

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