About The Company

Sun-Fly Casino Chips is the market leader of manufacturing casino grade ceramic gaming poker chips in the world, with manufacturing plants in Asia (SFC) and Europe (SFEMC).

We are a versatile and innovative company, that specialises in manufacturing gaming chips that can be fully customisable in full colour graphics, with optional security features available to prevent counterfeiting.

Since 2004, Sun-Fly has become a well known and respected brand and supplier of gaming chips to the gaming sector, and continues to provide a high standard service, technical support and quality product.

  • POLYCLAY chips

    POLYCLAY chips are a new breed of ceramic chips that fuse together the best elements of clay and ceramic chips...

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  • POLYINNO chips

    POLYINNO chips are a unique hybrid of regular ceramic chips (POLYCHROM) and sticker chips...

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  • POLYCHROM chips

    POLYCHROM chips are regular chips with no inserts or decals, they are fully customisable in full colour...

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    POLYSPECTRA Chips are available in a wide range of colours to choose from one of our standard designs...

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