About The Company

Sun-Fly Professional Casino Chips founded in 2004, we specialized in manufacturing and supplying fully customizable casino grade ceramic chips for professional high end markets, and are widely recognized by many poker stars and professionals worldwide.

With hard work, dedication and by keeping quality and security as our priority, we have enjoyed rapid growth in the industry and are now the largest and most reputable ceramic chip manufacturer in the world, manufacturing more than 6,000,000 chips in the last year alone.

With expected growth in the coming years and an ever increasing worldwide network of distribution that spans the globe, we are certainly optimistic about the future and have continually added new innovative chip products and designs to our increasing product line.

  • POLYCHROM chips

    POLYCHROM chips are regular chips with no inserts or decals, they are fully customisable in full colour...

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  • POLYINNO chips

    POLYINNO chips are a unique hybrid of regular ceramic chips (POLYCHROM) and sticker chips...

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  • POLYCLAY chips

    POLYCLAY chips are a new breed of ceramic chips that fuse together the best elements of clay and ceramic chips...

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    POLYSPECTRA Chips are available in a wide range of colours to choose from one of our standard designs...

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