The complexity of making a high quality ceramic chip makes counterfeiting Sun-Fly products extremely difficult, and with the combination of different security features embedded into UV ink, this has made it almost impossible to successfully counterfeit. For professional casinos, this is the most efficient and economic method to identify their own chip.

To help thwart counterfeiters, the chips can be printed with UV inks that are visible only under a UV-emitting light - As shown in the following images, the printed watermark is invisible under normal light, but under the UV light, the watermark becomes visible.

Both faces of the chips are able to accept UV inks which are invisible to the naked eye. The code or image that is used as the UV print is customisable, so can be unique for each client, which again dramatically reduces the chances of counterfeiting.

Our special formula that is embedded into our inks allows the infrar-red feature to work in a similar way. By running the infra-red laser over the surface where the UV ink is, a yellow dot will appear.