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As an independent company, Sun-Fly enjoys total creative freedom to design and produce what casinos agree to be the finest ceramic chips in the world. With its vast experience to its credit, Sun-Fly is the only manufacture that crafts all of its mechanical movements according to the strictest specifications.

Professional Casino Market

Sun-Fly has been manufacturing chips for casinos and tournaments around the globe since 2004 and fully understands its clients concerns about security. Sun-Fly has its very own state of the art UV security printing facility; all processes are done completely in-house from producing raw materials to be the finished product, with strict monitoring and procedures we are able to offer our clients piece of mind.

The complexity of making a high quality ceramic chip makes counterfeiting Sun-Fly products extremely difficult, with the combination of different security features embedded into UV ink, has made it almost impossible to successfully counterfeit.

The uniquity of Sun-Fly chips delivers security to our customers, and in return, we gain your confidence and trust.

Custom Chips

Sun-Fly Poker Chips uses state of the art equipment to manufacture the finest, most attractive poker chips the world has ever seen. Our ceramic chips are fully customisable in full colour on both faces and rolling edges, which technically allows crazy and creative ideas to be put onto the chips.

Standard Chips

Sun-Fly has a wide range of standard chip sets that were designed by excellent designers from Germany, France, Italy, USA and some other countries. All these designers have their own unique style, which make our standard sets of great values and are bound to be the talking point of any poker game with their striking colours and stylish design.