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POLYINNO chips are a unique hybrid of regular ceramic chips (POLYCHROM) and sticker chips; they are fully customisable in full colour graphics on both faces and the edges using state of the art sublimation printing techniques, and have a glass like decal applied to a recessed area on both sides. Various sizes are available with a matte surface finish on the faces and Sun-Fly's unique high gloss rolling edge.


The PolyInno are fully customisable on both faces and the edges, the following images show how Sun-Fly helps customers produce a custom PolyChrom Plaque.

Select an edge pattern from our available models. The patterms are carved.

Code# HB001 HB002 HB003
Chip Diameter 39mm 39mm 43mm
Sticker Diameter 25.4mm 28.5mm 31.7mm
Thickness 3.3mm 3.3mm 3.3mm

Step 2 create and finalise
Make a selection from the available chip blanks and provide us with your graphic files Using the provided graphic files, our team will create and finalise the chip product


POLYCLAY Chips can be printed with UV Inks which is only visible under ultraviolet light.