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Not content with what has been achieved so far, Sun-Fly is looking forward to working with all its current and future clients to continually improve and move forward in the growing casino and gaming markets, with new innovative ideas and products.

The opening of our new manufacturing plant in Germany, Sun-Fly European Manufacturing Centre (SFEMC) is a new chapter for Sun-Fly, but by no means the last. In the years to come, more such operations should be opened in key locations.

With RFID security in our chips in the near future, as well as other chip types and materials being offered by Sun-Fly, the future is certainly something we are looking forward to.

Year on year we have experienced and enjoyed great gains in the market and fully expect this to continue in the future. We would cordially like to invite all reputable casinos and gambling related product vendors to contact and work with us to continue what we have always sought out to do.