Apollon Classic chips series are casino grade chips that are printed with full colour graphics to the chips surface. There are a wide variety and selection of the ceramic poker chips available that have been created by designers all over the world. Fusing stunning design with vibrant colour, Apollon Classic are the perfect chips for any game, bringing the casino closer to home.


APOLLON Classic are fully customisable on both faces and the edges, the following images show how Sun-Fly helps customers produce a custom APOLLON Classic.

Select an edge pattern from our available models. The patterms are carved.

Code# RB001 / RB002 RB003 / RB004 RB009 RB005
Diameter 39mm 43mm 44mm 47mm
Thickness 3.3mm 3.3mm 3.3mm 3.3mm
Code# RB011 RB012 RB013 RB014 RB015
Length 68mm 82mm 94mm 107mm 85mm
Width 48mm 57mm 66mm 75mm 53mm

Step 2 create and finalise
Using the provided graphic files,our team will create and finalise the chip product.